Brian Turner's The Wild Delight of Wild Things brought me to my knees, kissed the top of my head, and gently gave my heart back to me. What do we mean when we say we loved and lost someone? This profoundly beautiful book begins inside a life changing relationship and extends with graceful trendrils out into the world, reminding us that by sharing our experiences we make an endless spiral form stretching out to everyone and everything. A tender heart curl. An epic love poem.” - Lidia Yuknavitch
Luminous, haunting, and gorgeous, Brian Turner’s new collection can change how we see this wounded world. It’s an act of grace. ” - Luis Alberto Urrea
Many things are sinking here—a whale, a shadow, a brother, a love. Sometimes it is just how we are feeling, sometimes it is true. Turner offers us poems of a very specific form of heartbreak, “all of it / gone now, submerged into something as simple / as the word after…” Yet this heartbreak pulls us in, moment by moment, “moments / that gather into something / one might call a life.” By the end, it’s an elegy for a person, but also for our lives. Beautiful. ” - --Nick Flynn
When I first heard Brian Turner has finally finished his long-awaited new book—I wanted to read it that very same day. Yes, I began reading right there, by the mailbox. I admire his work, yes. But why? Because in this book I can see how after artillery’s fire the veteran’s knowledge and regrets set the days to the rhythm and music of others’ bodies’ pain. But what moves me even more, as I linger among these beautiful poems is a widower’s wisdom and echoing heartbreak—Turner’s brilliant elegies for his late wife. What endlessly moves me, too, is the music of aged son’s watching his aged mother’s forgetfulness. Such humane music is this clarity on how “things we do” are “ghosts we live with. How they call to us.” I love this book.” - ILYA KAMINSKY

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